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Welcome to the entrepreneur like you with business attorney and entrepreneur chance reynolds, a daily podcast that brings you the best legal tips, marketing strategies and storytelling tactics that will help you grow your business the right way. Hey guys, chance reynolds here with episode.

I honestly can’t remember. I was sitting here trying to think if it’s episode five or six, but it’s either five or six. Have coffee on white trash porches with garbage. I’m generally on this show. I’m just talking about my business and how the previous week went. Um, the main portion of my business right now is selling low c’s. I am a business attorney, best selling author on a book about diy LLC creation. Um, so, so that’s kind of what I do in my business. It’s llc freedom is the name of the business. I’m kind of doing more of a, trying to do a little bit more seo savvy branding of have bought the url, that LLC guy. I’m trying to kind of work that some. See if that will work as far as the personal brand. So people will be like, I don’t want them to have to remember chance Reynolds and definitely like llc freedom.

The name of the business in my mind was like, you can get an llc and you’re more free to do other things. Like that was the idea behind the name when I started it. But uh, never caught on. Nobody understands it. They’re like, oh, it llc freedom. We don’t have freedom LLC. And it’s like, no, that’s not by business. There’s already a freedom llc. I wouldn’t want to be free to mellow, see, even if it had been available that that’s my business, just so you know, the backside of it. And I’ve seen crazy growth through April. April was just a really, really good month. Normally I go back just through the week, but I’m going to just talk about exactly what happened this entire month, what that translated to in terms of growth in my business and kind of what, how I’m moving forward in my business, you know, over the next month.

So at the very beginning of April, I think it was probably the first week I started doing facebook laws. I sort of following, I’m a real estate investment course on personal branding that talked about how to, uh, do free advertising essentially like how to get, get people to meet people that are going to give you referrals in the, a real estate investment niche specifically. So I started doing that, but I instead of like pushing out content that was related to real estate investment and wholesaling houses and things like that, I just started promoting the business that I already had, which was the llc creation business and it just like blew up. So. So step one was move everything off of your business page that I’ve been doing facebook lives and stuff like that and posting content and I podcast every day and doing stuff like this for a while, for probably about six to eight months I’ve been doing it like on and off.

Um, mainly because I didn’t have an office to do it and I didn’t have the courage to do a lot of it. So finally I got the courage to do it and it just still isn’t. You had to kind of put money behind it. So that’s what I was doing. I was doing facebook lives through my business page and then promoting that out to try to build a following and it worked a little bit, but it was costing me money like I would, I would put less than $5 a day behind an ad, um, through my facebook business page and it would grow and people would see it, but I wasn’t really, I didn’t have a good way to capture their information and then you know, kind of market to them more directly other than just retargeting people that had already seen the ad. So I was been doing that for several months.

It was working, I was getting clients that way here and there. It wasn’t like a real steady stream, like a, like every business needs to maintain and grow, but it was good. But I’m still looking for other ways to market and do personal branding stuff as you can tell because I was seeking out this other course. And then another whole line of a stream of income and real estate investment, like getting really interested in that. So it turns out like that I’ve found the real estate investment niche was like, just like online entrepreneurs, they really curious about the LLC but not really moving forward, not knowing like where to turn a lot of super bad advice in the facebook groups there and stuff. So I was like, you know, I really want to do real estate investment, but I’m just going to go ahead and like fill this void real quick and see what happens.

So I started posting, you know, free value posts in facebook groups related to real estate investment, which I’ve done for all entrepreneurs tons of times. I’ve talked about that on here. Just basically saying, here’s my credibility. I’m an attorney, here’s the LLC, here’s what it does, here’s why you need it. A given like what you’re doing in this, what the people in this facebook business group are doing. Um, if you don’t have an LLC, this, these are the risks. If you do have one, this is how it protects you. This is how much it costs. Here’s how to move forward. Then I reached out to the owner of that group and I told him, no, I, I, s I saw what was going on in the group that people didn’t understand. [inaudible] told him I’d be willing to provide like a really good deal for people in his group and educate them if he would let me do that and just kind of like tell them, hey, here’s what it does.

If you need someone to help you, I’m here to help you go over to my personal facebook profile. At that time I was just driving them straight to my facebook messenger, but it just got so big I couldn’t do that, so I started driving them to my calendar, which is like one of the biggest changes that’s ever happened in my business. You can tell this is a very low production because my ac is like turning off and on in the background, but so I started pushing it into my calendar instead where they were booking. I asked for their email address from building my email list of even if I’m not closing those people, even if they’re not showing up for the calendar meeting, I now I’m building an email list. I’m getting telephone numbers. I am, uh, you know, talking to people on the phone, figuring out what their problems are and started closing a lot more.

And my calendar filled up crazy. The first two weeks were the biggest two weeks in my business when I started doing this and using my personal facebook profile instead of my business page. So I kind of skipped over that part. But when I, when I started doing the real estate investment stuff and I got this course on how to do it and it turned out that the course, I thought it was going to be a course on like step by step guide on how to approach sellers, find them, negotiate with them, stuff like that and help them avoid the foreclosure in all the details like that. But it turned out it wasn’t that at all. It was just a personal branding like forget like all the traditional means of marketing that real estate investors are doing rather than do that do all these other things where you were making a, building your network with, with relevant people in your area.

And I realized that this will work for any business and the, one of the first things that said to do was forget about business. You can have a business page or a personal, a public profile, a public figure page or something like that if you want. And eventually you do want to do that. But in the beginning, just use your own personal facebook profile. Max it out to [inaudible] friends. Um, people will start to follow you and then use that as a platform to show them what valuable solution you provide. So I did that, uh, that I did the facebook group posts, drove people directly to my facebook page, didn’t facebook lives every day where I took q and a’s on [inaudible]. That just blew it up. Like all those things in combination just created a number of leads and a number of conversations with people that like 10 times of what I’d had before.

So I was like, OK, this is clearly the most powerful thing I’ve ever had. Any facebook ads that have worked as well. I’ve never done youtube videos that have worked as well. I’ve never done anything on a business profile page that’s worth this. Well, like this works. This is a genuine way to, to build a business. So I did that crazy for two weeks, felt up, filled up my calendar like where I was just on calls all day, making sales. This last week I did less lives. I think I only did maybe one or two facebook lives and I made half the sales. So I’m very, very clear on the fact that the facebook live from your, from your personal page, from your personal profile rather, um, is is the most valuable thing you can do on facebook as far as branding. And if you’re, if you’re closing people like on the phone rather than like have some automated system where you’re selling info products.

I really think that a facebook live is the biggest driver of that this last week, the downturn in the amount of clients I new clients that I took on as proof of that to me. So that’s exciting to kind of figure that out. Obviously I didn’t want to make less sales this week, but I was kind of sick and I was like, Eh, fuck. If I make, if I, if I take on more clients right now, like it’s going to be a disservice to the clients that I already have. I need to make sure they’re like sewn up. So I’ve focused less on bringing in new business this week and more on just closing out the existing business that I had so that, that was good. I mean it’s, you get nervous like when your numbers start dropping off a little bit, but you know what the driver of those numbers are, which in my case is facebook live.

So super big lessons this week. I really am. And just excited about moving forward with, with all the different businesses and business ideas that I have. Like I’m still super invested, AH, mentally in real estate investment and I want to move forward on that. I will be moving forward on that. I’m probably like about a month away from possibly launching a foreclosure litigation law firm with the, with the other attorney, a partner, and you know, he has to get his situation correct first and then so are just kind of waiting on him. He’s the, the foreclosure expert out of the two of us and I’ve kind of started the businesses that we’re going to team up and see if we can make something happen on that front as far as providing a solution to people that are going through foreclosures. Um, as well as real estate solutions, like multiple solutions to help people avoid getting a foreclosure on their record and avoid having to take a chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is what a lot of people do.

So we have some alternatives and ideas on how to drive that forward. I’m really excited about using personal branding to drive that business forward as well because that’s really a trust based business as it should be because people are trusting their futures with you, their homes with a couple hundred bucks here, there. This is like major investments that they’ve made that they need help with. So that’s what’s going on with me. I’m jabbering on like crazy. But uh, it was a fun week and thank you so much for watching. If you have something, you know, any issue with the [inaudible] you want to chat with someone who’s foreign them all over the country. Definitely reach out to me at [inaudible] freedom.com/calendar. Something else interesting happened this week. I might. I’m debating on whether or not I shouldn’t talk about. I had an angry, not an angry client whatsoever. I had an angry clients.

Mom actually reached out to me is an accountant and uh, I kept telling the guy asked your accountant this as your accountant that. And it turns out his mom was his accountant and she reached out to me and didn’t understand really what I was doing. It was really like pissed, like a mama bear thinking I was taking advantage of her son and I had to explain to her, no, I’m not actually, this is like this crazy good deal that I’m giving to your son and I understand I have a kid and I had kind of a tiger mom. Like that was like come out and attack people. That was very protective. So I was like, I get what’s going on, talk to talk to her off the ledge. Uh, hopefully, like, I think she was still a little bit skeptical at the end, but that was the first time I ever had an angry mom reached out and just be like questioning my morality, my ethics I guess. Uh, but that was very interesting. So reminded me of my childhood either way. Had talked to you guys next week. Hey guys. Thank you so much for listening. I really, really appreciate everybody tuning in and all the great feedback I’m getting about the podcast.

So I’m going to keep it up and I just wanted to say thank you. Also, if you want to figure out the three ways that most entrepreneurs are getting themselves sued, you can head over to llc freedom.com/get sued. I have a little freebie there that kind of outlines the three major ways that people are getting sued and how they can easily be avoided. So hop over to llc freedom.com/get sued and pick that up today.