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Alright guys, coffee on white trash porches with garbage episode three. This is my third take. Trying to get this this morning because my other phone, I was like on us 45 percent. It will, uh, like I have two phones, my wife and now I’m using my wife’s phone and it has 45 percent sure of the record, like a six, seven minute video. Then I got into like the 10 minute territory and it died and I lost the entire episode. So I’m going to try to keep this one like under five minutes. Seriously tried to. But uh, I was just super hyped about this week. So episodes one and two I talked kind of about what type of branding I’m doing for my business as far as specifically personal branding, how, what steps I’m taking to make myself more known, more available to my niche market, which are entrepreneurs, real estate investors generally that awe need ll c’s

get that out of the way. Um, and this week was, was I’ve had every, every, every week since I started using those strategies of, of opening up my facebook. I’m talking directly to the entrepreneurs, you know, through my personal facebook profile, making videos pretty much every day for 45 videos a week, driving people to my personal calendar to actually talk to them on the phone about their situation, about, about. They’re just answer their questions, really solve whatever problem they have related to the LLC if I can. And um, what else am I doing branding wise? Uh, I mean, that’s pretty much it. Just just establishing that I am, have a value in that arena, that I have a solution to a problem that these people, um, that potential clients, not these people that potential clients might need help solving. And I, I do it for a pretty much an irresistible offer which is I’ll do operating agreement, you know, create the [inaudible] and help you get your Ein for a pretty low price.

Varies depending on whether or not I’ve worked out a deal with, with certain people on facebook groups, things like that. But it’s low, it’s as low as anywhere. Um, but yeah, it had a big week and I want to, I want to explain when I say I had a big week that, that doesn’t mean that I had, you know, a $10,000 day or anything like that. I didn’t have 100,000 dollar. I’m not going to have to make 100,000 dollars this month or anything crazy like that. I just mean I had success that I talked with a bunch of people, some people purchase my services and you know, so I am making a profit for sure, but I’m not ever going to have in my llc business $10,000 days, anything like that. Not with the product I’m offering right now. And that’s just fun. The mission of my company, Llc Freedom, which is a company that sets up [inaudible] is to help as many entrepreneurs get their llc set up properly.

So not just sheer numbers. Um, and I’ve talked about on my podcast, entrepreneur like you is my podcast, which is a daily podcast where I kind of do this, but I talk about more specific things and various what I talk about. But, um, I’ve talked about on there that I want to take down legal zoom. I do have that goal that’s like my Gary v buying the jets goal where it’s like, that’s clearly not going to happen because they have billions of dollars invested in that company. It’s a massive company. But, uh, ultimately that’s what I strive to do is provide a better solution than what they have. And realistically right now I’m not going to have to do more than 50 to 60 llc in a month or something. So you could do the math on that. It’s not, I’m not gonna Break The bank with my llc business, but that’s not the goal of that business.

Now down the line, I may talk to so many entrepreneurs that I’m going to understand other problems that they have and I may create some higher valued course or solution to like real estate entrepreneurs. Like asset protection is a big thing for, um, advanced asset protection is a big thing for, for real estate investors. So you can charge five, $10,000 for like a seminar style course where you can work one on one with, with real estate investors that aren’t in the beginning stages where it’s like they have a lot of homes in five to $10,000 to them to make sure everything’s set up properly to all their homes and their assets are segregated properly. A, that’s not a lot for them because sometimes when you’re, when you’re rolling over deals, $10,000 on a deal, this is just one deal. So I probably will do something like that in the future as my base grows and people that have helped now or succeeding, they’ll probably come back to me for more solutions because they know, like, and trust me because I’ve helped them.

That’s not why I’m helping them. I don’t have a plan down the road, but just being a business person, being someone that’s at least somewhat looking to the future, um, that that’s probably something that people will start asking me to do. And I like to solve people’s problems in that arena. And I especially like to solve people’s problems that have already bought something from me, so I feel an obligation to help them, you know, and I can’t do it for free. I can’t do it for like two to $300, which is like what I’m doing cs for because it’s more advanced. Um, so probably I’ll have something down the road where I’ll have a $10,000 day or 100,000 dollar month or something. You never know. That’s not really my goal. I don’t, I’m not gonna consider myself successful if I don’t make 100,000 dollars in a month, like that’s, it’s OK for me to not make that much.

I don’t do that much to be happy, but it wouldn’t make me happy to make that much as well. But personal branding this week really super hardcore paid off. I’ve talked about so much in the past on my podcast, how paid traffic is really the measure of a lot of businesses. And I’m starting to kind of rethink that. I really think it’s the free traffic. It’s how you handle getting referrals into your business. That at least for me, has been much more important, much, much, much more important on a larger scale. If you’re selling something that is more automated, like a course paid traffic, yes, you need to be able to drive paid traffic to something where you can just scale it infinitely and that does make sense because referral sources, once they get cut off, if that’s your only source of business, how are you going to keep moving forward?

You’re kind of relying on someone else, but if you’re driving paid traffic, you’re relying on another platform as well. Like something like facebook. So it’s a, it’s a double edged sword in a way, but you can scale crazy. I’m with paid traffic for sure, but for my business right now, paid traffic just wasn’t doing nearly at all what a just free traffic is doing referral traffic and just providing value to people straight up for free on facebook and on Youtube. I haven’t cracked the code on Youtube yet, but it’s getting, getting, you know, more to the point where that might be successful. Anyway, I’m just rambling on like how I do every time on these. Um, but it was a great week a, I just, I’m so grateful that this approach worked. I was not a surprise to really at all that it worked and that I was on the phone, like back to back off one call on another call off one call on another call just exhausted by the end of the day, which is how I’d like to end my days.

This is why I went into business for myself. So I’ll probably put all this strategy on the backside after another month or so into some sort of course of that that will be something more automated because it’s so super valuable. It’s been so valuable to me. I want to lay out the steps of what I’m doing and kind of show the backside of what I’m doing for sure. But that’s not why I’m doing this. It’s not the end goal is in a course or something. But uh, if I can provide a solution for people, people are reaching out, like, how are you doing this? If I can help them do that, providing them that for free up front kind of make sense. And I’ll tell, tell you what I’m doing, but on a larger scale, if I can help more people because what I’m doing is working so well, uh, I don’t mind like throwing something together and charging a little bit of money for it because it’s valuable and when people pay for something, they’re much more likely to actually follow through and take the steps that are needed.

So, but right now it’s still just learning and implementing and uh, it’s just, it’s been an awesome week. Super grateful, super happy to be doing it. I Love Setting Up lcs, I love talking with people about their businesses and uh, I’m going to keep doing that. So if that’s you, if you are curious about the LLC and you want help from mere you just have questions, I will get on the phone with you. Schedule a time at [inaudible] freedom dot slash calendar. Um, yeah, it’s, it’s, there’s not a whole lot of availability this upcoming week, but there’s probably some slots left so you might have to go another weekend to the future to do that. But we just me on facebook, if you have a pressing need for something and I try try to answer everything I can on there as well. If you don’t need to get on the phone, we can chat through facebook messenger as well.

Either way, have everybody had a great week in their business. I’m just super excited moving forward and I’m thinking it’s still going to keep trending upward with the tactics that I’m using. So I look forward to letting you guys know how that works throughout the week. Check on my podcast, entrepreneur like you, um, you could subscribe to that on Itunes, that entrepreneur like you dot [inaudible] slash subscribed, that will take you over to itunes. What else? A friend me on facebook. Or you can go to my facebook group, LLC, freedom.com/group. That will, will take you out about facebook group. Either way, those are all the ways you can kind of contact me. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Hope you have a great week in your business this week. A reach out.