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killer ways to get new clients or to at least establish credibility right now is to have a facebook book group and facebook groups. Generally I’m there. There’s facebook group courses like if you’re trying to learn how to, how to build a facebook group. Those courses cost about a thousand to $2,000 and they are not all that great, so they’re generally taught by somebody who created a facebook group in the very beginning of groups before people were in like a thousand different groups and they built it up and congratulations to them, but it’s not that easy. As easy to do it now as it was before, a much easier way to use a facebook group to get new clients or to establish credibility, is to leverage someone’s someone else’s group who’s already done the hard work of building a group. Now there are a couple of ways you can do this.

It depends on which industry you’re in, but it’s most common common and a internet marketing, but it’s also pretty common in real estate as well. So there’s some pretty big real estate groups and I’ll just tell you kind of how, what I’ve done, so rather than building a full on real estate facebook group of my own, I went around to a couple of different facebook groups and just reached out to the admins of those groups and said, look, here’s the solution I provide for real estate investors. Here’s how I can help them. I’ll give them a special rate on whatever I do. If you let me, you know, tell them about my solution in your group. About half said yes, about half said no. I’m the ones that said no. I then made a follow up offer and said, I will, you know, give you a, I’ll, I’ll give you an affiliate fee.

Essentially a referral fee if you’d let me kind of, not necessarily selling your group but provide a solution in your group. And uh, no one actually took me up on that. I was surprised. But it depends on which industry you’re in. So in real estate, I guess it might’ve been afraid I was going to sell too much in their group, but ultimately if they were honest with themselves and they looked at the solution that I provided, that would be a great way to do it. So here’s what I suggest. Finding a group that accurately represents your niche, your Avatar, your ideal customer. You go to the Admin of that group. You tell them what solution you provide in your business. And you just say, look, I have two ways we can do this. This is how I’ve worked with other facebook group owners. First way is you could help, you know, I provide such a valuable solution.

You let me kind of do this. I’m not overtly selling, but I’ll provide special rate to people that come to me through the group. I’ll give them like a free consultation or something like that. And then you, instead of driving people to a sales page, you drive them to a calendar, get them on the phone, talk to them, and then try to sell. And then you know, you close them that way. The second way that you can do it is that you just approached the facebook ad men and tell them that they can have a referral fee. Say every sale I make you can get, I dunno, 25, 5,100 bucks. Most of the time the people have the facebook groups specifically because they’re trying to make money. So affiliate sales groups probably won’t work because they’re already running affiliate offers to their crowd, but you never know.

You just have to approach them and just ask them. Just say, hey look, if not, that’s fine. No big deal. I’m not going to sell it here without your permission, but I have something that’s super valuable to to you know your, your group. The reason that you have the group is to provide value to these people. This will help them. They’ll, they’ll trust you more if they, if you allow me to do this, and you could make a little money on the side too and just explain it that way. So that’s not a sleazy way to do it. That’s the. That’s ultimately the best way to do it on facebook because that’s a way to get free traffic, like instead of paying for ads, you can already kind of leveraged this group of people that are super targeted and be willing to charge them a little less because you don’t have to pay that money to get the new clients you already know.

These are kind of warm, warmer warmish leads rather than just straight cold leads that you’re trying to target on facebook. So I’ve had a lot of success doing that. I’m making probably, you know, half half of my clients come from from techniques like that, so try that. I, I guarantee you if you try and have group owners, you’ll find somebody that it will work with. I mean you have to have a valuable solution, but if you don’t have a valuable solution, this is also a good way. You know, I’ll tell you what, if you do this and no group owners are biting, you probably don’t have a valuable solution or you need to think about your solution so it can kind of work at two ways. Hope everybody’s having a great week. I will talk to you guys tomorrow. Hey guys. Thank you so much for listening. I just want to say how much I appreciate everybody tuning in. I really, really appreciate it. If you’re interested in actually speaking with me, one on one, jump over to llc freedom.com/calendar and grab a time from my hubspot calendar there and we can set a time to talk about your business. See what it is that you do, talk about, you know, what I do and see if there’s any type of solution that I can provide to your problem. So that’s llc freedom.com/calendar.