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Welcome to the entrepreneur like you with business attorney and entrepreneur chance read a daily podcast that brings you the best legal tips, marketing strategies and storytelling tactics that will help you grow your business the right way. So

I slow slacking on the podcast this week. I think this is only the second live recording I’ve done for the podcast this week. Maybe the third, I’m not sure, but yeah, it was just a little bit under the weather. So sorry about that. But it was still a good week. Um, I was at the office a lot less this week so I kind of had less things to talk about, but business was about the same. I think I sold maybe two less than I did the previous week, which, you know, of course I’d have rather have sold two more. But considering I was only at the Office for about 25 to 30 hours this week and uh, was in bed like most of the time. Um, that’s still pretty good. So mostly what my sales came from this week, just doing a little bit of a weekly wrap up again where the facebook lives, when I do the facebook lives, which only think I only did one or two this week.

Um, direct correlation with sales when I talk to people and ask them, you know, how’d you find me? They say I am pretty sure I saw facebook live somewhere that’s almost a hundred percent of the time. What happens? They never know where it is unfortunately, or what it covered. But, um, that’s how they come across my calendar and that’s how I close them is on the phone. So really still loving that method. I’m not, I’m not seeing any downside to pushing them to the calendar other than that it takes time. But as I slowly start to build my email list by people go into the calendar. So if you don’t, if you’ve never used an online calendar, um, essentially like you can just set up what type of questions you want to ask in order to set an appointment with you. And I asked for phone number, email name, and um, ah, I think that’s all that are requiring and I them to tell me, you know, their name of their business as well because that’s just on my crm, which is how I store, how you store information about your leads.

Um, that’s just one of the headings but I don’t require that. So the main things I want to know where your name, your phone number and your email. Um, yeah, so that, that’s what I do. I get, grab that information and then um, at some point, very soon, you know, in like the next four or five months, I’m going to have probably a couple thousand email addresses of, of really highly targeted leads even if I don’t sell any loc. So those leads I will have other things to other solutions to them. So I’m by getting on the phone, the biggest benefit of getting on the phone with people is that you see what else they want. So obviously they all want [inaudible] but then there are other issues that they need solved. And for me, the main thing has been there, just like a, what do you do for taxes?

Like can you help people set up their tax structures, give consults on, on people how, how people can do that. And uh, I don’t as of right now but just getting asked that. So this last, this week I did something where I just asked like if I had that solution, would you pay me to solve that problem for you? And then every single person I asked that too was just like, yes, I would do that, especially in the real estate niche. So I was like, man, I need to solve this problem because when I’m not selling people on the phone, the main question they have is, um, the main thing they say is like, OK, let me talk to my accountant and then I’ll get back to you. And I’m guaranteeing you when they go to their accountant, they’re essentially taking the knowledge that I’ve told them and then they’re just paying their accountant to set it up probably for twice as much as what I would do.

But it’s just, they know that person, that person is already doing their taxes, so they feel like it all needs to be done in the same place and I don’t blame them, like that’s a smart move on their part. If their, if their CPA will do that or there were accountants, whether we’ll do that for them. So that’s the biggest hole I see where people want that. They’re looking to me for that information. And I have before just been saying like, I’m not a CPA, I’m not an accountant. Like I hate it when accountants give legal advice so I’m not going to give tax advice. But I think I’ve decided I’m just going to learn how to do the tech side, um, or hire somebody that does and just launch at a different aspect of my business that does that accounting for people as well.

And probably maybe a higher level tasks consult. So pretty much made that decision yesterday. Talked with some, some potential business partners and just told them kind of what I do and the the gap that I need filled for my customers and what, what the, what the problem is, how, how we can solve it and essentially it’s just like I need to learn it and I know a lot about it, but there are some holes in my knowledge. So as I normally do, I will be getting a course on how to learn this on how to do the tech stuff. I don’t think it’s really all that complicated. I’m already know everything for the contractual liability side for, for the [inaudible] art. So I’m going to have a huge edge on other other accountants that don’t understand that which to me is maybe one in [inaudible] gets that side of it and I’m sure they look at attorneys and they’re like only one in [inaudible].

And understand the tax implications. And I’m definitely not one of those one in 10 right now, but I hope to get there. So I’m going to be looking to provide that solution all every sort of accounting solution. So it’s going to be. If it’s as simple as bookkeeping all the way up to, you know, the highest levels of tax tax strategy for people that are wanting to, you know, sophisticated things with like self directed Ira’s and retirement plans where you are getting significant tax advantages by using trusts, Iras, things like that. I know a lot about the trust side of it. People have started to ask me a lot about the era of the self directed Iras, which if you don’t know about that, it’s just, it’s just like a 401k essentially. I’m, I’m talking about those four are really know that much about it.

So if you do know about it, I’ll probably sound like a complete idiot, but the biggest broad strokes or that it’s essentially like a retirement plan where you choose what to invest, the money that is sitting there at a lower tax rate because it’s not realized income in for a certain number of years and so you can invest in real estate if that’s, if you would like to do that more than like investing in startups or something like that. So it’s self directed. That’s all it is. You’re just not trusting a third party to make all of the investment decisions for you. You are making the decisions essentially yourself. That’s the broad strokes of it. Don’t drive me emails. Talking about how little I know about it because I’m openly admitting I don’t know that much, but people ask me about that. So I guess that’s a common thing.

So I want to know that, you know, I want to know how to solve the problems and getting on the phone has been a huge benefit to me for that because you’re talking directly with people and you see what their problems are and at first it kind of annoyed me like, I don’t do this. Call your accountant. I don’t do this. Call your accountant. I’ve said that so many times and a half. The people are like, I will call my account and you know what? I’m just going to hire them to do this instead of you. And I would rather them hire me to do it. So that’s something I need to add. This is, you’ve got to get the people what they want, and I didn’t even have to ask them. They asked me, so they’re telling me I want this, and I said, OK, if I provided this, would you buy this llc right now and buy another service?

They’re like, hell yeah, we’d be extremely interested to keep that all in house because they’ve already spent the time to talk to you and get to know you. You already demonstrated your value. So when your, when your clients or customers say they want something, even if you can’t turn it into something profitable in your business, you better, you know, Phillip, that, that need, that desire for them or somebody else go going to and um, they’re going to take your business. So that’s the theme of the week is figuring out how to, what the problem is. That is the next step for my clients and then solving it. So the step one, but what’s next? And that’s their check. They’re protected on their contractual liability, but how are they going to save money?

Hey guys, thank you so much for listening. I just want to say how much I appreciate everybody tuning in. I really, really appreciate it. If you’re interested in actually speaking with me one on one, jump over to llc freedom.com/calendar and grab a time from my hubspot calendar there and, uh, we can set a time to talk about your business, see what it is that you do, talk about, you know, what I do, and see if there’s any type of solution that I can provide to your problem. So that’s llc freedom.com/calendar.