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Welcome to the entrepreneur like you with a business attorney and entrepreneur chance, a daily podcast that brings you to the best legal tips, marketing strategies and storytelling tactics that will help you grow your business the right way.

It’d be talking about this inner circle course that I’m in right now at somebody straight up a course, but it’s like mentoring. It’s kind of a cross between us mentoring, coaching and a course, honestly, like there’s homework and things like that, which I, you know, I can handle a little bit of homework. It’s fine with me. So the course that I’m talking about is the Jordan Stanley pain, inner circle marketing, real estate marketing. Um, but it doesn’t have to be real estate like it applies to everything. For example, when I first started, uh, learning from Jordan, I took the first couple of steps in his real estate investment strategy for marketing and I applied it to my old seed business and it blew it up. Biggest month I had was in April. And it’s no coincidence that I started using his tactics at the beginning of the month and that really like blew my business up. So this is a little bit more in depth than that.

One of the first things that we did was write a letter that explains who we are in relation to who our clients are. So it’s basically like the ideas that traditional marketing for real estate, it’s just like, Hey, I want to buy your house, call me, I buy houses in your neighborhood. Like I’d like to buy your house. Just telling them what you do rather than telling them who you are. And since it’s kind of a copywriting course, the first assignment was to tell them, you know, why we do what we do and who we are. So it’s just like writing a little story and Oh my God, I just can’t even imagine. I haven’t started really doing any marketing and real estate, um, traditional marketing, like reaching out to people directly, but looking at what people are sending compared to what Jordan’s stanley pain is suggesting that we send. It’s, it’s not even in the same realm. It’s a complete game changer and he’s just like, forget,

you know, general generally speaking, if you speak since one 10th of what you normally would send and then just talk directly to the people that you’re talking to and you’ll have a higher conversion rate. So instead of sending 25,000 pieces of mail, you know, send 100 really targeted pieces of mail that are like, hello Suzanne, here’s like, what’s important to me about real estate investing, you know, I’m, I’m sorry that you’re going through what you’re going through, but I can help you get out of it. Call me. They’re much more likely to call you in that scenario than just like a I buy ugly houses postcard, which is most people send. So it’s definitely some kind of a game changer and I’m pretty super excited about that since I started using his methods. Like I said, I’ve made at least one sale per day in my business.

I mean at a minimum I’m just off of and no paid traffic, no paid traffic. I’m thinking about dabbling into a little bit more paid traffic this week because my calendar is slowing down, but even when my calendar slowing down now I’m still closing, you know, making sales from people that I talked to one week ago, two weeks ago, people that I thought were were gone and it’s like because I’m following up with them just eventually they’re getting their stuff together and then they’re just clicking the link that I sent them like two weeks ago. So I don’t put any sense of urgency on the link or anything like that so they can eventually buy and it’s working. It’s working really well. I think most of my clients are happy. I’ve had only one refund, which I talked about on here when angry mom call one refund.

So that’s a pretty good, pretty good stats so far this week. I am obviously like moving a little bit more through the real estate stuff, but I am going to try to add some accounting solutions for my clients because every single client I’ve talked to has accounting questions and I’m just telling them like, go find an accountant and that’s just not a good solution for them. And a lot of them, if I could say yes, I have an accountant in house that can help you with your s Corp stuff. Um, it’s this additional, you know, $700 a month or whatever, uh, to keep your books and all that stuff. That would probably be pretty likely to just by. I asked the lady yesterday just straight up, like, if I had a solution like that, would you buy? Would you buy it? She’s like, I’d be extremely interested.

She stopped short of saying like, yes, guaranteed. But she’s like, I would at least by the LLC right now, knowing that I had somewhere to turn with those questions and the ongoing filing stuff is a big deal. It’s a big, big deal. And so I’ve, I’ve found a company that might be able to help me provide that solution and just really help my clients a little bit further down the road and then on an ongoing basis so I’m not just worried, you know, not just having to just take on tons of new clients. I can keep it smaller, I don’t have to worry about taking on making, you know, several llc sales every day because I’ll have ongoing income with the current clients that I have. So just nurturing those relationships that I already have long term rather than just playing the short term numbers game.

So I’m thinking about doing that. Get to talk to somebody hopefully today about that. Let me know what you guys want to hear me talk about because I’m doing a lot of different stuff and I don’t know what’s the most interesting to me. I think the LLC stuff is probably the most helpful, um, not necessarily teaching you about the LLC but, but showing you what’s happening in my llc business because it’s probably the most likely sort of similar product, what you might be selling as far as price range and the tactics that I’m using there, um, are working the best of anything else. I haven’t really done that much real estate. Uh, I’ve talked about on her why that is. I obviously haven’t started doing the accounting stuff yet, but to me that’s just tying into the llc stuff so that, you know, if, you know, Russell Brunson is kind of a value ladder, uh, trainings where it’s like you start with one product and then you send people up through it.

Um, the lcm starting, I used to think it was the, the end game. Like I just needed to get people and then I’d sell them and we’ll see. And then the bigger money in it was the long-term registered agency stuff and that was the business. Now I’m starting to think that the LLC is not actually be the front end. That might be where they’re coming in and that might be what’s called a trip wire offer, like they’re getting the LLC and that’s just the beginning, really the highest thing, you know, the next step up is the accounting and the bookkeeping and then the highest part is like, you know, some sort of like large course. Um, that’s, that’s helping them, showing them what I’m doing in my business, something like that. I’m not sure. I know the next step is probably going to be some sort of accounting solutions.

So let me know, like, just reach out to me, um, llc freedom.com/calendar. If you have any questions about the LLC specifically and uh, you know, I just want to know what you guys want to hear. Hey guys, thank you so much for listening. I just want to say how much I appreciate everybody tuning in. I really, really appreciate it. If you’re interested in actually speaking with me one on one, jump over to llc freedom.com/calendar and grab a time from my hubspot calendar there. And, uh, we can set a time to talk about your business. See what it is that you do. Talk about what I do and see if there’s any type of solution that I can provide to your problem. So that’s llc freedom.com/calendar.