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Welcome to the entrepreneur like you with business attorney and entrepreneur chance renting a daily podcast that brings you the best illegal tips, marketing strategies and storytelling tactics that will help you grow your business the right way. Maybe a

time when I would try to run specials, like try to run a special offer for a day and I would offer something crazy like back then I would seriously offer an llc for like $50 and I wasn’t acting at the registered agent back then so I could do that. Now. The fact that I have a partnership where I act as registered agent in all 50 states, I can’t charge that little. Like I literally, I would actually lose money if I did that because I have to have a business partner, so not like all $50 comes to me, but back then I would, I would gear up, I would plot out these offers. I would make all these videos and then I would run them as ads and it would just be crickets and I’d be like, I’m going to make, you know, at least a couple hundred dollars is when I first started my business, um, first started trying to run paid traffic to my business and I would, I would create, I would get these gifts ahead.

A buddy of mine, Robbie Hurst, who was a WHO’s a videographer and has, I mean he’s more than a videography is like a, like just really good with everything media. He’s very media savvy. He has a degree from a baylor and some sort of filmmaking. But I mean he’s like a straight up actual film maker. And he taught me how to. I was thinking I needed all this fancy equipment and he taught me how to use, um, what does it movie to really easily do a couple things that take your crappy video to be like not as crappy. I mean, it’s still crappy compared to like something he would do, but it’s like rather than having to hire somebody to do it, it takes you like five seconds. Sexual kind of fun. It’s like I record now. I like I movie so much from a couple of things that he taught me.

I record my podcast every day on a movie and then I export it out as audio. Like a movie is awesomely powerful. Um, but I, I would, I would create these offers. I would put them together, put so much thought into. I think about it for two, three days, oh I’m going to do this and then the reaction will be this and then I’m going to grow my email list like this and I’m going to have these sales and then I’ll try to upsell them something on the back side so I can like stay profitable and none of that ever worked. Like maybe you would get a couple phone calls here or there. But I was working so much like on, on like building funnels and the website and stuff. Like getting on the phone wasn’t like really an option for me and I didn’t feel like that was going to be a vital part of my business because I looked at businesses like legal zoom or somebody that does something similar who I’m trying to like, you know, my goal as I’ve said on here is to like be bigger than legal zoom. I know that’s not ever gonna happen, but that’s reaching high. Knowing that I’m probably not ever going to attain that. But having that in the back of my mind, like if I don’t want to take one more call, I’m like, if I don’t take that call where they’re going to go to my competitor.


And looked at what they did. I thought I was good. Everything was going to be completely automated. Like how they are, what the most important thing was that I had a great website that could, was dynamic enough where it could include all the options that they needed. And then I just realized like, no, I’m fighting against that. That isn’t working for me. I ran all these paid traffic. So, you know, brand paid traffic to it. I had a crazy low offer and it just didn’t work. I was like, what the Hell is going on? And you know, I read tons of books about personal branding and Gary v I read his stuff and listened to tons of his stuff and Russell Brunson who,

he gets a bad rap but. But his whole thing is just about personal branding and him and Gary v or like really, really similar with what they do. If you look at like what they’re doing, they don’t say the same things. Russell brothers is like super religious, so he’s not like as blunt and he’s not really kind of like a self help type motivator like motivational speaker the way that Gary v is. But if you read their stuff and you watch what they’re doing, um, they’re essentially doing the same thing. So it’s just personal branding. But personal branding is scarier. It’s like you want to think when you’re in business like that, you could just create a bad-ass facebook campaign that’s going to grow your business and you see people that do that and it’s awesome for them, but, and I’m jealous of that for sure, but at the same time like there, there, you probably don’t see how long it took them to be able to do that and probably they were doing personal branding stuff for years before they got to that point where even though they’re driving cold traffic, it’s not really cold because everybody in that arena knows who they are and they have a way of warming them up.

A couple of different ways of warming him up that are, that are super creative. Like after they pushed that paid traffic, like webinars really kinda like warm people up. If you have the right price, product makes sense to do it that way. But for me right now, don’t think though I don’t have really a info product, so webinars isn’t really gonna work. The best way for me to educate people’s. Just sit down and answer their questions because a lot of people know a little bit about a lot of different pieces of the LLC and it’s just one specific thing so they’re not going to be interested in watching a whole webinar on [inaudible] cause I don’t know what piece they need to know, but it all changed. Restaurant or personal branding and all this is a long story of just telling you, you know, I had a lot of success with a with an offer I ran yesterday just straight up off my facebook page.

I didn’t have to like run any ads. I didn’t make 10 grand or anything like that, but I did set out a goal to, to, to give away, give away to sell five lcs for $97. Like just as the first of the month. People are broke first five people that reach out, like I’ll set up your little. I’ve done that stuff before and got no response. Like nobody bought one now I did it and they all got snatched up and it’s because of the personal branding stuff that I’ve been doing facebook lives every day and every person I talked to him is like, he had seen you like on a facebook live and I thought I need to probably do this and then I saw your offer and I was like, I better jump on this. And I was like, perfect. Like that is exactly how you want it to work.

That’s exactly why you do the facebook lives and the personal branding stuff so people know, like, and trust you. And then when you give them an irresistible offer, they take it. I mean, I’m not going to do everybody’s all say for $97. That’s insane. Like there’s just no, it’s not sustainable by any means. Even at one 97. Um, that’s rough. Like as far as like how much money I’m making for the time I’m spending, but I’m just building this business. And in the beginning I know I’m not going to make like a ton of money, but I’m going to help a ton of people. And I’ve had the choice of doing one or the other in the beginning of my business. I would help more people and make less money. Um, I think long-term that’s a better play. Um,

yeah, that’s what I think money is important. We need money to like live and it’s, I’m not against making money by any means. I want to make money. I want to make a lot of money. You know, like when I look at my future, I hope I have financial security. That’s why I want money. I want to be out of debt. I want to, you know, own everything that I have outright. I don’t want to owe anything to anybody that’s ultimately kind of the goal. But uh, right now like it doesn’t matter if I charged two 97 or 97, neither one of those is going to complete that. You’re going to get me closer to that goal. So I’d rather like help the people, which is the mission of LLC freedom. No, not lose money. Make a tiny bit of money, build up trust, show people that I am worthy of, you know, their, their business.

And know, like, and trust me because I am honest and I’m doing what I’m saying when I’m not using like false scarcity tactics like the girl and everybody else has to go to the [inaudible] at 97. I see people that do the false scarcity. They’re like, I’m going to do 100, you know, when to give away a hundred tee shirts for free. And then immediately they’re like, oh, they all got snatched up. OK, there are five bucks. Really. Like they didn’t give away for free. They’re just like charging everybody the shipping. Um, so yeah, it was a good good day. I haven’t run this the first time. I’ve run like a super reduced offer like that

ever to any success. And I think that’s a good sign because I didn’t have to pay for it. I’m doing it still doing it through my personal facebook profile. At some point facebook might be offended by that and say I have to do it through a business page, but until then I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. I suggest you do to Max out your facebook. I know this gets stigmatized, but you should max out your, your personal facebook profile to as many people as you can and then start showing them that you’re valuable and then let them know of what your offers are and make those offers irresistible. And, uh, you, you’re, you can grow your business and your brand that way. That’s what’s going on with me this week. Hope everybody’s having a great week. Talk to you soon. Hey guys. Thank you so much for listening. I just want to say how much I appreciate everybody tuning in. I really, really appreciate it. If you’re interested in actually speaking with me one on one, jump over to [inaudible] dot com slash calendar and grab a time from my hubspot calendar there and, uh, we can set a time to talk about your business, see what it is that you do, talk about, you know, what I do, and see if there’s any type of solution that I can provide to your problem. So that’s llc freedom.com/calendar. OK.