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Welcome to entrepreneur like you with business attorney and entrepreneur chance reynolds, a daily podcast that brings you the best legal tips, marketing strategies and storytelling tactics that will help you grow your business the right way

for new hires and online entrepreneurs. More specifically, we live in this world where you understand at least you should understand if you’re going into this, into this business. If you’re really going into any business now, I’m someone’s at least going to approach you and expect you to understand this or you’re gonna have to hire someone who understands how online marketing works. If so, so the facebook hearings hearings, but mark Zuckerberg testifying in front of the Senate yesterday, two days ago in Congress yesterday and um, or the house yesterday rather. And


the questions are getting. He’s getting asked, you know, are being highly mocked for sure. But what’s more concerning to me is that the no, it doesn’t seem that there are any elected officials that I can see that have any understanding of what modern businesses, these are the people that are regulating


business is essentially going to work, how facebook can do business, which affects, I don’t think they understand how many people’s businesses are built on the back of a social media and more. Most specifically facebook, like facebook has built probably more entrepreneurs and help more entrepreneurs launch businesses than maybe any platform ever struggled. To think of anything that’s been as as empowering as facebook. Just because you can create a community so quickly, you can provide value to that community on a daily basis. Many times, days, many times a day is you want you can. You know you could even. You don’t even need a website necessarily. I mean you need a way to take payment if you’re in business, but you could do everything straight up through just a private facebook group and there are so many businesses that are done this way. So many people make millions and millions of dollars off of a tactics free tactics. Not even. I’m not even talking about running ads, free tactics using, using facebook. I’ve seen that’s the most common way that people get into business. It’s the best way to test business ideas as well. So I really, it makes me nervous to see,


you know, law makers

that are regulating potentially what can happen on facebook. Having these concerns about facebook that, that really don’t represent what my concerns would be and what a lot of online entrepreneurs concerns would be. There’s no one there representing my perspective on that and that scares me and makes me feel like, I mean, of course you shouldn’t ever keep all your eggs in one basket and that’s. Most people say, you know, an email list is more powerful than, than a facebook group or anything like that. But to build an email list to be able to communicate, it’s just not the same thing as communicating on through facebook and through, especially now that there’s facebook lives and you can just show your value immediately and drive people straight from facebook to a calendar, get them on the phone, talk with them about their problems and help them solve their problems.

Facebook is the best way to do. I think that’s better than email because if you’re using email, you can’t just kind of have a live chat through email that uh, people can, you know, go wherever. I know people use zoom to do that, but I don’t like. So it was not as good as facebook live doesn’t work as well. At least not for me. In my experience. You may have had a different experience and that’s fine, but I can only say what’s worked in my business than with worked in my businesses. Facebook using facebook live, my personal facebook profile. And before that, even to a much lesser extent, a facebook business page and a facebook group, but using my personal facebook live to communicate my value by teaching, giving away free information on facebook and then asking people, hey, if you have any further questions or if this is something you liked or you want to work with me, you needed help from me, then go to my calendar and let’s have a chat.

And here’s my calendar. That’s, for me been the funnel that’s been the most successful. That’s really, I’m building my business on the back of that very specifically, you know, tactic that very specific funnel. So when I hear Orrin Hatch or one of these old time senators that’s just been around for like 20, 30 years and is so isolated, doesn’t have a clue of what business looks like today. At least for most entrepreneurs. I’m not talking about massive corporations. I’m talking about most solo entrepreneurs that are using vas or, or maybe a couple of employees to run their business. Um, him not understanding how facebook even makes money. It’s one of the biggest players on earth in every arena of politics, money, m, e, commerce, anything, anything you can think about. Facebook is in the middle of it and he doesn’t even understand even the basics of it.

Not like you need to understand how the Internet works, but just understanding that facebook, this billion dollar company, how, how they make money in the world, they’re like swinging elections one way in the other and he doesn’t understand it. They run ads. That’s scary to me. Like, Oh my God, these people who knows what kind of dangerous stuff they’re going to do, trying to regulate facebook. Ah, not understanding that that’s they’re regulating businesses that they have no clue what those businesses are doing. So yeah, I know everybody’s been looking at that the last several days, but it’s just, it’s scary. It’s pathetic in a lot of ways. And I don’t know that Mark Zuckerberg is really. His job isn’t until prop up all these businesses. I mean, he, his job is just kind of run his own business. Um, but it scares me that he’s kind of the representative of that.

I probably, he’s not what facebook is today, probably doesn’t resemble really what he, you know, his soul vision of it, so I’m not sure he’s even the best person to be answering these questions and I think he’s said that many times, you know, just saying like trying to just say I don’t know the answer to that question. You’d be better suited like talking to someone in my team when they asked him a very specifically to how, if he would help them draft legislation essentially that’s what they were asking him and he was like, what? Like I don’t really do that. I try not to like be involved in this aspect of like lobbying lobbyists. A lot of times I will actually write the laws. That’s not some conspiracy. That’s just reality of how it is. Most industries that are being regulated or at least trying to draft original versions of whatever the final wall is going to be regulating themselves.

It’s the craziest system. It makes no sense to do it that way, but that’s just how it is just reality. And I think that they’re just reaching out to him like, OK, we need you to draft this thing up, tell us how to regulate you best because we don’t know what the hell is going on. And he’s like, well, I don’t really know what the hell is going on either. That’s not really my position. But, uh, certainly I’ll have my team look into it, you know, because they have. So you’d be a fool to think they don’t have a lot of money going into a congressional campaigns. They do. I’m sure that they have a on both sides of the aisle. They have a lot of money out there representing their interests, um, for this very specific reasons. So I don’t know. That’s what’s going through my mind today.

Business has been great. I’m not trying to be negative whatsoever. Businesses really good. But in the back of my mind I’m watching that going, Huh, this is my, my businesses for better or worse. The reality is that I rely on facebook a lot. It’s not the sole thing I rely on, but that’s how I drive most people to my email list is through facebook, so I’m using email, but my traffic source, my free traffic sources, facebook because I can communicate directly with potential clients and that’s really valuable to me because I have valuable things to tell them and uh, facebook is a great way to, to reach them. So I don’t know. Let me know what you think. Hope everybody’s having a great week. The week’s wrapping up, I hope you’re out there doing some personal and building your business so everybody have a great day.


Hey guys, thank you so much for listening. I really, really appreciate everybody tuning in and all the great feedback I’m getting about the podcast, so I’m going to keep it up and I just wanted to say thank you. Also if you want to figure out the three ways that most entrepreneurs are getting themselves sued, you can head over to llc, freedom dot [inaudible] slash get sued. I have a little freebie there that kind of outlines the three major ways that people are getting sued and how they can easily be avoided. So hop over to llc sued and pick that up today. Yeah.