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Welcome to the entrepreneur like you with business attorney and entrepreneur chance reynolds, a daily podcast that brings you the best legal tips, marketing strategies and storytelling tactics that will help you grow your business the right way. So for the first time

since I’ve started my business, my calendar has for this week over 15 people just today, tomorrow and Friday that I’m going to talk to you about setting up C’s. Um, that’s a good thing for sure. It’s not like I want to be complaining about the potential business that I have coming into my business. Uh, I’m happy to help as many people as I possibly can. I want to be able to talk to every one of them. But the realization that I’m at a single point of failure in my business kind of swept over me in the middle of the night last night. And I’d literally just like popped out of bed at 2:00 AM. Just woke up like worried about it. Like, oh gosh, I have all this potential and why business? How will this, these potential clients coming in? How, what’s going to happen at BAE, if tonight I get sick or something, I get the flu and it’s to the point where like I can’t take, you know, all the proper steps I need to do to help these people and then I lose all these potential customers and my reputation, you know, in that community of real estate investors becomes damaged because I just did not set up to handle this level of business yet.

And it just like kind of scared the hell out of me because I want to be able to serve as many people as I can and I know the best way to serve them as to actually speak with them one on one. That’s kind of the difference between what I provide or what other companies provide. And the thought of, of not being able to do that is, is not uh, something I really look at. So if k. So when I started my business, I’ll say this, I started my business thinking I was going to model it after something like a, a, a closer to what, what inc filed us. That’s a business that is similar to legal zoom way smaller and what they do is just just do, you know, filings don’t worry about like wills and divorces and everything that, that, uh, legal zoom does and I kinda thought, you know, that would be something similar that I would do, like I would talk to people that I would just drive them straight to this kind of funnel that they would go through.

Um, but it just turned out that like to do that wasn’t really feasible without spending a ton of money on a website that had a, uh, an order form that was really dynamic for each state because there’s just so many different possibilities for what people need. They might need a registered agency, they might not, they might need multiple also use which if they do that, I want to be able to provide them with the discount, things like that. So I kind of abandoned that and just started talking to people one on one since most of my stuff for referrals, that’s makes a lot of sense to talk to people because they want to actually get you on the phone. And at least know who the hell you are. If they just want to just go through an online funnel, they can just go do it themselves.

They want some actual guidance. So I have a pretty good idea of how I’m going to solve that where I don’t have to have to actually speak to every single person and answer every single question. I’ll still speak to a lot of people, but some people just, they would just want to be done, you know, they just want to move forward as quickly as possible. So I’ve got to figure out. So that’s gotta be my first step to speak because that’s literally going to keep me up at night until that, that gets done. So today, that’s going to be a big driving force of what I do. I have to talk to all these people, but then I might have to close down my calendar for a couple days next week. So I can just focus on this because I have help. I, you know, as I said yesterday, the podcast, I hired someone to help me with the filing aspect and that’s going to be tremendously helpful.

That takes a huge load off of my mind knowing that I have someone that’s knowledgeable, that’s professional, that’s done as many of these as I have and I’m a trust him a lot to move forward helping me with that aspect of the business. He’s not going to do all the filing, but he’s just going to take a small, small bit of the load off of me so I can, you know, do promotion and things and get on the phone with people and operate the business in all the other arenas that I need to do. But um, that’s just one aspect I need some way that I can have someone else that’s maybe talk to people because if I get sick and I can’t talk to people, that’s like a pull out a potential business that goes out the door. And I don’t want to be a single point of failure in my business.

I don’t want to be, I want my business eventually, you know, maybe in six months to a year from now, it’ll be something that’ll probably was to walk away from it. It could operate, you know, if I would need to go out of town for take my kid on vacation for three or four days, my business isn’t just going to come to a screeching halt if I do that. So that’s what I’m thinking about today. Hope everybody’s having a great day. I hate to complain on here, but my business, because everything’s going well. It’s going way better than it ever has. Everything is growing at an exponential rate. Um, but I’m still the single portal failure my business. And that makes me very nervous.

Hey guys, thank you so much for listening. I really, really appreciate everybody tuning in and all the great feedback I’m getting about the podcast. So I’m going to keep it up and I just wanted to say thank you. Also if you want to figure out the three ways that most entrepreneurs are getting themselves sued, you can head over to llc, freedom dot [inaudible] slash get sued. I have a little freebie there that kind of outlines the three major ways that people are getting sued and how they can easily be avoided. So hop over to llc sued and pick that up today. Yeah.