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Welcome to the entrepreneur like you with business attorney and entrepreneur chance reynolds, a daily podcast that brings you the best legal tips, marketing strategies and storytelling tactics that will help you grow your business the right way

and kind of inspired to do more interviews by a show called hot ones on youtube. If you haven’t heard of it or you haven’t seen it. It’s this crazy talk show where the host and the guest is Sam host every week obviously. And the guest is just some different celebrity. I mean it can be ranges from like rappers to actors to musicians, comedians, like all the normal people you would see on any sort of late night talk show. They sit down and then there’s like a, an ascending hotness of hot sauces on wings. There’s 10 wings and they eat a wing and then like the, the interviewer starts asking questions, showing wing as well. They’re just sitting on a table across from each other, like how you’d be just at a restaurant to eat chicken wings and um, they have vegan people and have vegan wings and generally like the same lineup of hot sauces.

But it’s like, you know, progressively it’s getting hotter and hotter and hotter and by about fifth or sixth wing, the person is like really struggling. The interviewee is really struggling to actually talk about the topics and they’re just trying to say whatever comes off the top of their head and it’s pretty ridiculous. It’s a ridiculous concept for a talk show, but it works really well because it’s so original and it made me realize I’m really putting off interviewing people on my show. Not that I want to interview them while we’re eating chicken wings or anything like that. But it would be, it’s a good creative way to do a talk show. But uh, for me, just the first step is just booking guests on the show and finding out who these these professionals are that are in areas that I’m not in. And I’ve done it before.

I had a whole show that was, that was interview based at least 90 percent interview based. So occasionally I would do lessons on there. Um, and for that show it was that there wasn’t really. The stakes weren’t that high because I was just interviewing law school students and it was in the relationship for the most part between myself and them. It was still, I was kind of the dominant party. I could control everything that happened on the show because I had already done what they were doing. I was giving advice to them. A lot of times they’re asking me for advice a lot of times they’re also pretending that they knew more than me, which was kind of annoying as well, but it was just one of those situations where it wasn’t like a high stakes interview, but interviewing people’s like pretty nerve wracking. Like you don’t think about that, but you don’t have a lot of control over the situation.

Like right now, as you and I, as I’m sitting here and I’m, and you’re listening, I could, uh, you know, stop this recording started over if I wanted to. It’s rarely ever happens that I actually stop and do that, but I have control over what happens and how this interview is perceived. If I’m interviewing somebody else, I don’t have that control and it’s not that I consciously think about that and I’m like, I need to have control to do the interview. It’s just in the back of my mind. It’s something that prevents me from doing it because it’s harder and I want to put out a podcast every day, but I want to put out the best podcasts that I possibly can and I’m, I’m not. It’s not even that I’m starting to think. I know that having at least a couple of interviews, at least one interview a week would be beneficial to me and be beneficial to listeners and be beneficial to bringing in new subscribers to the podcast listeners.

And it’s the key. Like when I had a Ross Christa fully on here, it was almost an immediate impact on my listenership. People started contacting me. I’ve gotten business off of that. I’ve, I’ve set up at least three or four [inaudible] specifically because of people from his audience that reached out to me, um, wasn’t directly from his audience, but someone from his audience that saw the podcast reached out to me. And then it’s sending their audience over to me. So actually maybe it’s a good idea to have that guy on, but uh, just doing interviews like it, it’s a great way to meet people for one, learned things, build conversational skills. And I’m, I’m halfway decent interviewing. I mean I’ve done at least 30 of them so I have that experience so I don’t know what the hell is holding me back. It’s just I get caught up every day and don’t take the, don’t take the steps to do it and it’s great to do it on facebook live, but it’s probably easier to get people to actually just straight up come on a podcast like you just skype with them.

And record is really super easy to do that. So the technology part isn’t standing in my way. Uh, the only thing that’s standing in my way is my own. I don’t know if it’s laziness or fear. I don’t know. I’m not going to let it happen anymore. I’m really going to try and get somebody on here before the end of the week or at least set somebody up for next week because people actually contacted me, random people contacted me through email to ask to come on the show, but I don’t know who they are. And um, I don’t really ever respond to their emails because if I want to do interviews I want to be seeking out very specific people that are doing something that I’m talking about, something that I’m interested in and that I think my audience would be interested in because I’m into just kind of documenting what I do and like for me it would be something like a, anyone really in the online world, but it’s like personal development people that reach out to me and I’m like, that’s great, but I’m not so interested in that.

So that’s kind of my big goal is to get out of my own way, stop making excuses for why I can’t interview people and then just start doing it and take the steps and do it and just man up and get it done. So hopefully talking about that on here will, you know, give me some accountability, hold my feet to the flame a little bit and I will start to interviewing some people that I don’t know, that you know, are just random people that are in industries that are interesting to me and that I think will be interesting to you. So if you’re listening and you know someone like that or you are someone like that, reach out to me. Chance that LLC freedom. I’m also put up on a youtube video yesterday. Went to my first tax auction. Uh, I talked about that on here yesterday morning before I went.

Man, it was just like crazy situation was nothing like what I thought it was going to be. Um, and I have a new youtube video about that and also I was going to talk about that on here, but I went ahead and made a youtube video for it instead. So you can go to [inaudible] dot com slash youtube that will redirect you over to my youtube channel. And um, that should be the first video that comes up. But I have a playlist called my day to day wholesale or wholesaling day to day, I can’t remember, but it says wholesaling is the only playlist on there that has wholesaling. So check that out. Um, yeah, and if you have any questions about [inaudible], reach out to me at the email that I gave you. So hope everybody’s having a great week. Hope you have a great Wednesday and uh, hopefully I’ll be back either tomorrow or Friday with some interviews.

Hey guys, thank you so much for listening. I really, really appreciate everybody tuning in and all the great feedback I’m getting about the podcast. I’m going to keep it up and I just wanted to say thank you. Also if you want to figure out the three ways that most entrepreneurs are getting themselves sued, you can head over to [inaudible] slash get sued. I have a little freebie there that kind of outlines the three major ways that people are getting sued and how they can easily be avoided. So hop over to llc sued and pick that up today.