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Welcome to entrepreneur like you with business attorney and entrepreneur chance reynolds, a daily podcast that brings you the best legal tips, marketing strategies and storytelling tactics that will help you grow your business the right way.

Hey guys, sorry I missed the podcast yesterday. It’s Tuesday now. Normally I obviously record the podcast five days a week, but yesterday it just didn’t happen to. My kid was sick so he came to work with me and that was just never a quiet opportunity throughout that day. Despite being sick, he’s extremely aloud, so just didn’t happen. Sorry about that. Won’t happen again until the next time it happens. So this week my big plans are. I’m going to a tax sale auction today to do some networking. It’s I get, I’m not sure if it’s called foreclosure Tuesday or auction Tuesday out there. Some name. This foreclosure attorney that’s a buddy of mine was a ta told me what they call it. I can’t remember, but. So I’m going down there to do some networking. Basically what I’m going to do is just go down and see who’s buying houses and pass out my card and let them know, you know, I set up ll c’s, um, because they’re real estate investors and that I’m going to possibly doing some be doing some wholesaling and uh, that I might possibly be doing some foreclosure attorney.

So that’s another thing that my friend and I discussed possibly in a, in May. We’re going to team up and kind of launch a small. It’ll mostly be an online from to help people that are in foreclosures because if we’re doing a lot of the LLC stuff for real estate investors and we’re doing some of the wholesale stuff. I’ve been talking about, meaning finding people who want to get rid of their homes quickly. And I’m helping them do that by getting their house under contract and signing it over to a buyer that somebody that wants to fix and flip the house or somebody that wants to hold it long term for as a piece of rental property or whatever they want to do with it. Um, we’re going to be able to help them. Do that and just another way to service those clients would be do to actually help them possibly renegotiate their, their loans with the bank and you could do that through litigation.

It’s not a terribly complicated process and it’s something that we could. It’s just a way to not leave people behind that are going to probably be reaching out to us for help. So those are kind of the three angles we’re going to take on wholesaling. My a friend who’s also a foreclosure attorney and I are thinking about partnering up on that and creating a law firm and then as well as partnering up on some of the real estate deals as well. So we’re in. We’re in the process of testing that stuff to see if that’s gonna work and the first Tuesday of every month here in my county, I think it may be in the whole state of Texas, but definitely my county the first Tuesday of every month is to have auction. They auction off properties that have been foreclosed on by the banks and I think for taxes to.

I’m not really all that concrete on exactly what’s even going to be taking place at the auction, but that’s kind of why I want to go because I need to know the process so we be down there here in a few hours and um, that will kind of determine what’s happening with me this week. I’ve, I, I, I definitely have several [inaudible] to set up this week, several new clients this week, so I’ll be doing that today. Just woke up to a sale overnight. So that’s always really awesome when you can wake up and realize that, you know, somebody that you spoke to yesterday actually closed and that’s very nice. So hopefully more of that will be happening this week. Hopefully I will be making some offers on some houses this week. That’s kind of one of my big goals is to actually start reaching out to people that are going to potentially want to sell her house house, ask them, you know, tell them I’m an investor in, go out and at least look at some of the houses and I’m trying to kind of do this thing where I make an offer on every house.

So of course my offer is going to be extremely low compared to what some people want because my goal is to get it really, really low and then turn it over to somebody who’s got a fix and flip it because the property’s I want to invest in, are going to be kind of like jumped out properties of at least older, older properties where somebody who’s been living there for a long time. Maybe there’s some renters there that trashed it out. Some situation like that where the either the landlord or the owners just like, I just want to be done with it. So that’s what’s going on this week. I’m going to try and make an offer on every single house that, uh, I look at to every seller that I talked to, assuming that they want to sell it at something, you know, at least if they’re open to negotiating on the price, if they just say no, I want to list it on the mls or real estate agent.

And that started really, I’m not going to make an offer to those people because that’s not going to work. But, uh, those are the plans this week. Hope everybody’s having a great week. I will let you know about how the foreclosure auction went. Um, tomorrow. I’m hoping it’s not going to be like really sad event where it’s like people’s houses are getting foreclosed on because that’s kind, pretty sad for the people that it’s happening to, you know, I don’t mean to laugh. I’m just seriously like I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know if it’s going to be people out there like trying to bid against the bank to get their own home. I have no clue. So, uh, I’ll let you guys know how it is and hope everybody has a great week. I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow.

Hey guys, thank you so much for listening. I really, really appreciate everybody tuning in and all the great feedback I’m getting about the podcast. So I’m going to keep it up and I just wanted to say thank you all. So if you want to figure out the three ways that most entrepreneurs are getting themselves sued, you can head over to [inaudible] sued. I have a little there that kind of outlines the three major ways that people are getting sued and how they can easily be avoided. So hop over to llc sued and pick that up today.