Welcome to entrepreneur like you with business attorney and entrepreneur chance reynolds, a daily podcast that brings you the best legal tips, marketing strategies and storytelling tactics that will help you grow your business the right way. Okay, so I guess I’ll just do like a quick, a

rundown of everything that’s going on in my business life right now. So llc freedom. The company that I use to help entrepreneurs, mainly online entrepreneurs get set up with that. We’ll see. Super cheap is still rolling wrong along still building relationships, building referrals on that. And you don’t have sales or are trickling in. It’s not like they’re pouring in, but sales are happening, which is good. Um, courses. I’ve been randomly. I told you guys I created an l, a llc course, like a companion course basically for the book that I wrote. The why llc, guide for online entrepreneurs, um, is on Amazon if you want to buy that. It’s like a couple. I’m honestly don’t even remember what it’s for. Say what price is that right now? Maybe two bucks, maybe a dollar. I can’t remember. Um, that course has had some people enroll in it.

I have done zero promotion, I think, um, you, to me the platform that it’s on charges maybe like, I don’t know, they, they run these huge deep discounts. Um, people are contacting me through that and I’m just remembering now that I never responded to someone who emailed me about that. So that’s rolling. I had said I was wanting to create one course per month and I’m with my facebook lives. I’ve created a course. It’s basically three parts that I’ve been doing, weekly themes. So I did a week where I talked about sales tactics and I had somebody on, I did a week where I did legal compliance and then I did a week where I did storytelling. What I’m going to do is wrap all those videos up into a course, post them up on a, uh, on my, on a website and then just put a membership protection on it.

So super easy to make a membership page and then I’m going to give that away for free in exchange for an email. And I think I’ll probably do that this week as my loud dogs like strolling in here. Um, I’ll probably do that this week, so I will have created my February course. Um, I think I revised and said I would do a course every other week, but I’m also doing another mini course for somebody who’s helping me do some marketing stuff with El. We’ll see freedom. I’m going to create a, just a little course on [inaudible]. I can’t off the top of my head, remember what all was going to be in that, but I’m going to try to do that towards the end of the week. That’s the LLC business. On top of that I’m doing, I’m learning ton about real estate investment. I don’t want to say I’ve become a real estate investor that I have a real estate investment business because I’ve done no real estate investing yet to this point, but I’m getting damn close. I’m bree a read a ton and um, found a ton of online guides and stuff, mentors that, uh, I might follow. I met some people in person. I’ve done some in person networking today. I’m meeting with the guy that I’ve known since I was in middle school that

I knew he did some oil and gas stuff and I guess he does have some wholesaling and some real estate investment as well. I’m not exactly sure, but we’re, we’re going to go to lunch and I think he might be interested in buying a whole lot of properties and if I’m going to be grabbing up a bunch of properties and selling them, he might be, it might, we might have some mutually beneficial interests. I don’t know. This is just how real estate works. It’s so networky and um, I haven’t really, I kind of built my little see business in order to avoid that. But with real estate, I don’t know that you can. I don’t know if you could avoid it. I’m not sure that I would even want to. This is, it’s just a different type of business and I’m actually kind of excited about how it’s a lot of it’s done face to face because

I know some people that are in that business. It’s less complicated than like an LLC. So for lcs, it doesn’t help me to network with other people that understand [inaudible], you know what I mean, like that’s not beneficial to either one of us, if they understand it, they just said throwing the ball sees. Um, if they don’t then I can help them. So face to face networking it can be beneficial. And I’m probably gonna do some presentations live at like some, you know, call some meetings. I’m put on some little events. Why? Don’t know why I can’t think of that. Yeah, put on like little training events where I teach people about llcs and especially if I’m moving into real estate, I really want to intertwine that business into my llc business and help people get there, a little cs protected and limit their liability that way.

Um, but with real estate, I think you don’t, it’s not so specialized. It’s one of the things that I’m not like anybody can do it because there are a lot of moving parts and I think you either have to surround yourself with a great team or learn all the stuff yourself. Uh, I think probably learning everything yourself in the beginning is probably the smartest way to do it. And then you just learn from doing it. It’s just transactional. So not every deal is going to be the same and there’s a lot of face to face negotiating and every deal is kind of exciting and different and um, it’s just a different way of learning. It’s not just like reading a book and then following some instructions like [inaudible] llcs are pretty simple. Um, for the most part. It’s why you can get them like so dirt cheap when you’re talking about just a regular business.

I’m like, for me, I’ve just done so many of them. Once you know the basics and you understand like people’s structure of online business, it doesn’t really get that complicated. Um, real estate can get complicated because a lot of times you’re moving stuff into trust and you have to have some capital in order to put money in escrow, um, to show that you’re serious to the buyer. And then you have to find a seller. Then you have to have to go get a title attorney, at least in Texas, you have to have a title attorney and in other states you have to have a closing attorney yet to have some sort of middleman that can look at the title, the chain of title on a piece of property and make sure the person selling it actually has rights in that property and there’s not some third party that’s going to pop in and say, no, I actually own a 25 percent of that house.

You can’t sell it. That’s basically what a title company does yesterday. And I’m building out kind of some little Vlog of every thing I’m learning about real estate right now at a llc freedom.com/youtube. I’ll start posting that stuff today. I believe I should, it should be today. I got a new intro built by a new video intro built by a freelancer online on Fiverr for five bucks. Um, so hopefully that comes in today. It’s like worthy, but if not, I’ll still post it because you don’t really need a video intro. Um, yesterday I spent all day calling title companies and finding one that, uh, actually fit what I needed and I was so glad I did that because I’ve found one right off the bat that understood what I did, but they were pretty rude. And then I talked to another one and they were like kind of questioning, you know, acting like I was asking dumb questions.

I’m sure they are dumb questions, but I don’t know the process. So I ask every question that comes into my head to make sure that I’m, you know, dotting all my i’s and crossing all my t’s. I want to know every single detail down to the last thing because in the end, um, I don’t know, maybe I’ll be more interested in being a title attorney who knows. I just want to know everything about it. So, uh, I called, you know, every title company basically in Johnson County, which is the county that I’m planning on working in. And uh, finally one called me. I had called them all and left a couple messages and talk to a lot of people and figured out who does what and pretty much everyone said they were capable of doing what I need to need to do with real estate, which just kind of this weird little niche of people that don’t use real estate or selling their houses for cash on their own.

And uh, everything I read said it’d be real hard to find ones. So I made this long list of all these companies and it turned out every single one I talked to who said they would do it, but then the very last one was so helpful. They gave me a contract. They, uh, told me exactly what I needed to do, how to make sure that my contract is assignable. Um, you know, how, how I could use a trust. And they were just like very nice and accommodating and obviously have done these sorts of deals, like a lot of time. So I was super glad I actually made the list and called all the people because that was the last person I talked to you and they actually called me back and almost didn’t even answer because I was like, how busy, you know, I’ve already talked to all these title attorneys, I don’t probably don’t need to talk to this company.

And then that was the one that works. So the, I’m trying to get in the mode of answering every phone call because when you’re doing real estate investment, so much of it is just phoned based. You’re just like probably five playing phone tag a lot apparently is what it seems like. Which is fine. You know, I could answer the phone, it’s not a big deal. But uh, today I’m meeting with a potential buyer. So if you more curious about how any of this works. There’s a guy I have no affiliation with this guy. His name is Max Maxwell or you can search that on youtube. He has some stuff that I really liked. It’s pretty informative about wholesaling. It has, he has playlists on his youtube channel. They’re all the way from the complete Newbie to really advanced like live q and a stuff. Um, and that’s kind of who I initially learned about it from.

So he’s cool. I’m also going to be building out on my youtube channel as I said, like some vlogs of what I’m doing and showing you exactly how I’m doing what I’m doing and um, that should be coming out today like those cold calls I made to the title companies. I recorded some. I’m going to put those on video as well and just kind of a brief explanation of what wholesaling is. Either way that’s a long podcasts.

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It’s a very unfortunate reality that I have to work out this morning. So I’m going to wrap it up, do that and uh, get, get back to doing some llcs, have some llcs to set up today and some real estate investing, little networking with an old buddy of mine and see if would be pretty cool if I could work with work with, you know, some friends that I know that have been doing this for awhile. Uh, some really smart, successful people. So I’m looking forward to that and uh, yeah, I will, I will be back in touch with you guys tomorrow as always, five podcasts a week. Um, go to LLC, freedom.com/group to get in my facebook group. I’m going live exclusively to my facebook group this week. I’m much more often. I did it yesterday, so go check it out. Talk to you yesterday.

Hey guys. Thank you so much for listening. I really, really appreciate everybody tuning in and all the great feedback I’m getting about the podcast. I’m going to keep it up and I just wanted to say thank you. Also if you want to figure out the three ways that most entrepreneurs are getting themselves sued, you can head over to [inaudible] dot com slash get sued. I have a little freebie there that kind of outlines the three major ways that people are getting sued and how they can easily be avoided. So hop over to llc freedom.com/gets sued and pick that up today. Okay.